Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ghost of Mothers Cookie Factory.

Okay so there really issn't a "Ghost of Mother cookie factory" This is the talented model named Page. The first time I met my Mentor Nana Kofi Nti of 510 Media, He was doing a photo shoot with (then) 14 year old Page.  She was so AMAZING and inspiring during the shoot that I promised myself "When I get good enough, I will do a photo shoot with her. 

Recently, I ran a "ghostly" Idea by Hair and Wardrobe stylist Sandreka Williams. She suggested we use Page (now 16) and I instantly said "yes!" We called up make-up artist Teresa Washington, set a date, and we created our "Ghost of Mothers Cookies Factory" 

**Mothers Cookies Factory is the name of the Cookie factory turned Loft building in which 510 Media Studio is located... hence the title of the shoot**

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